Human Relations

Human Relations

Performance Measurement

At AKBAŞLAR TEXTILE, in order to measure and analyze the performance of our employees objectively, once a year performance measurement and analysis is carried out.

Education & Development

AKBAŞLAR TEXTILE supports continious education and develeopment parallel to the goals of our companies; therefore educations and training are provided at both personal and corporate development levels in order to increase the productivity of our employees, make them adaptable to change and to train management positions.


At Akbas holding we work in accordance with universities and vocational schools to provide internships for students; hence we prepare them for the future but also define the human relations sources for our company.


The employement needs for our company is determined in short and long term and we employ individuals in accordance with our corporte culture and who are open to development and new ideas.

Human Resources

As Akbas Holding in all the sectors in which we operate we contribute to the success and happiness of human resources and with our existing human resources we try to increase the management the institution 's commitment.

Join us

If you want to work with us, you can directly come to AKBAŞLAR TEXTILE to apply or send your resume to